Michael Leimbach

„The healthy common-sense reasoning, the knowledge of human nature and the instinct for cost-effective solutions are often more important than mere knowledge of the law.“

We focus upon the entrepreneur.

The better we know him and his company, the more effective our consulting will be.

Our goal is to avoid trials and ensure success.

As the son of an entrepreneurial family, I have always endeavoured to continue this experience during my legal career. Consulting entrepreneurs is the goal which has characterised our practice for over 12 years.

Our trustful cooperation with our clients has been very rewarding to us from every perspective and we look forward to the future with you.


Stephan Kremer

„A government must be frugal because the money it receives is from the blood and sweat of its people. It is appropriate that each individual help pay the expenses of the state.
However, it is not right that he must share half of his annual income with the state.“

Frederick the Great
King of Prussia 1740 - 1786

Bound to your trust.

We know that your annual financial statement represents the decisive assessment basis for the created company values.

For this reason, I have set the goal for myself to manage these values as best as possible and to optimally formulate the entrepreneur’s results from a tax perspective.

My challenge is to show the entrepreneur ways to exploit his success as best as possible.