The Leimbach Rechtsanwälte law firm has been operating since the mid 1990s.

Legal consulting of small- and medium-sized companies was the goal of the founder. Today, Leimbach Rechtsanwälte consults and represents entrepreneurs and the companies they lead in all types of legal and tax issues.

Our clients appreciate the fact that they always work with only one attorney. This entrusted attorney handles all legal issues that arise, commissions corresponding experts in areas which do not belong to the immediate range of consulting services offered by the law firm and coordinates national and international legal consulting according to its mandate.

It is our philosophy that Leimbach Rechtsanwälte should be considered to be a liaison for all of the client’s legal issues. From the very beginning, this approach has proved to be the right one. We can look back upon a long time of success in the past and continue to look forward to working with our clients in the same way.